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1️⃣ Place Your First Order by Choosing Convenient Pickup and Delivery Time

2️⃣ Select how many Laundry bags or Dry Cleaning items you want to send, also click if you have any items to hang dry

3️⃣To expedite the order, click on Next Day Service, once we receive the request we will adjust the delivery date*

4️⃣ If You have any special instructions, please specify them in the notes box

5️⃣Have your items ready for collection. Upon delivery, we will provide you with our complimentary branded bag which is designed to use for your next orders

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I have continued to use and rely on Hamperville for my fluff and fold for years now. And since getting a new job a few years ago, I've been using Hamperville for dry cleaning of my work shirts and the odd blazer. I've been very happy with the service. They pick up and drop off my laundry and dry cleaning up 4 flights. They have a copy of my front door key and they have been reliable. Any issues and I have had very quick email responses back. I am grateful for the service. They do a great job
Erika H.
I found Hamperville through a reward with HowAboutWe for Couples and am so thankful I did. I have been using this service since March and now swear by it. In my neighborhood (SoHo), it is more affordable and convenient for me to get dry cleaning/ wash and press/ wash and fold done through Hamperville than through any laundry services in my area. It's really is a beautiful thing. Like... magic. I have my dirty clothes and dry cleaning picked up on Tuesdays and dropped back off 2 days later fr
Jordan G.
They are always very pleasant and helpful. Good job on the dry-cleaning, also. Very reasonable rates and good people.
Dominique Stark
When I leave NYC, I will want to bring these guys with me. They are super professional and do an excellent job. The clothes are folded so well and organized so neatly it's like a machine. The key service for unattended pick up and drop off makes it even more convenient. The Android app could use some work but on iOS and the web, the interface is great. Definitely recommend these guys and hoping they don't leave before I do.
Jud Lewis

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call or leave a message @ (877) 426-7379 or email hamperville@gmail.com

helpful tips #1 👇

If you have dry cleaning or shirts please put them in a separate bag (HAMPERVILLE GREEN BAG) from your wash/fold.

helpful tips #2 👇

A hand-written note can be very helpful. You can use it to point out any wash preferences, alteration instructions or anything you may need.

helpful tips #3 👇

Please don't put any shirts/dry-cleaning inside the wash/fold bag(s), even if separated. The reason is that the whole bag may be thought to be "wash/fold" or it may cause a delay of 1-2 extra days.

Is there a fee for pickup or delivery?

Pickup and delivery is FREE

Is there a minimum pickup/delivery charge?

Yes, the minimum is $35 per pickup. This can include Wash and Fold as well as Dry Cleaning.

What happens in case of loss or damage of wash and fold items?

In case is wash and fold, we are not responsible for any loss or damage. The reason being: we don't itemize and process by weight.

What happens in case of loss or damage to individual items like laundered shirts, hang dry or dry cleaning?

Although we take every precaution while processing, in rare instances, there can be an unintended result. Our policy is no more than 10 times of what we charge. For example, if we charge $7.50 for an item, the payout can not exceed $75. Under no circumstances are we obligated to pay the replacement cost of any item. Payout is given as a credit for future service.

What’s the turn-around time?

Default turn around time is 2 working days. Next-day service is available for $7.99 extra. Please note that this service is done on a best-effort basis. We will try everything we can to meet your request; but because of the wide variety of issues relating to stains, fabric, and many other technical issues, it could take the full 48 hours to complete your order. In this case, we would waive the fee for Next Day Service.