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on Mobile app, go to Settings -> Subscriptions -> Hamperville Prime

Frequently Asked Questions

Please call us if you have any more questions (877) 426-7379 or email us hamperville@gmail.com

Is there a fee for pickup or delivery?

Pickup and delivery is FREE

Is there a minimum pickup/delivery charge?

Yes, the minimum is $30 per pickup. This can include Wash and Fold as well as Dry Cleaning.

What’s the turn-around time?

Default turn around time is 2 working days. Next-day service is available for $5 extra. Please note that this service is done on best-effort basis. We will try everything we can to meet your request; but because of the wide variation of issues relating to stains, fabric and many other technical issues, it could take the full 48 hours to complete your order. In this case we would waive the fee for Next Day Service.